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Michton Ltd is a leading confectionery manufacturer in the UK. Our factory is based in Port Talbot, Wales and specialises in foiled chocolates, hollow chocolate novelties and luxury gift chocolates. Michton has one of the few peppermint presses in the UK allowing us to manufacture peppermints at very short notice.  We supply products to all the leading independent chocolate retailers and a number of the supermarkets in the UK and Europe.

Chocolate Factory Tours

Our factory is open for factory visits and we also run chocolate making courses. Please click on the factory tour link above. We have a well-stocked shop which sells wonderful gifts and is a comprehensive showcase of the items which we make.

You are welcome to visit our factory to watch us making products ranging from hollow eggs to chocolate hearts through to foiled Santa's and chocolate advent calendars. We will happily show you through our entire process, from artwork approval, through to printing your bespoke or personalised packaging and then finally on to the moulding process. Tours are suitable for all ages (from 3 years) and are perfect for schools. We have specialisted tours for schools which cover topics as varied as marketing and business studies through to science and environmental studies. 

Chocolate Factory Play Zone

Linked to the Chocolate Factory is the Chocolate Factory Fun Zone which is a massive indoor play centre where children can run off their energy regardless of the weather!

Plastic Mould Manufacturing

Michton has its own mould making department, which means that we can easily make bespoke moulds to suit any requirement.  We have a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing moulds, and our computer aided design department uses the latest CAD software and mills to create perfect moulds.


Chocolate and Mint Manufacturer

Michton specialises in bespoke sweets. Once we have made your unique mould, we are able to create the perfect chocolate for you. All our choccies can either be wrapped it in foil, or package,  unwrapped into a personalised box or personalised bag with a bespoke gift tag.

Personalised Packaging

We have our own digital printing department which means that we can produce personalised packaging to suit any occasion. Our art department has the experience to support you throughout the design process; advising you on all the finer points associated with digital print design, die cutting machines and automatic gluing machines. Because we do all the personalised packaging in-house, we are able to offer very short runs on 100% bespoke packaging which is ideal for weddings, limited marketing campaigns or product trials.  We have a vast knowledge of the food industry and all the inks and card we use is safe to come in direct contact with food.


Some of our customers use our chocolates for weddings or baptisms.  Chocolate hearts and candy favours are popular items used by wedding companies.  Our chocolate hearts come in over 20 different foil colours

Promotional Companies

Michton is your perfect partner for supplying promotional confectionery.  Our confectionery ranges from a few pence up to £10, so we have items to suit every budget.  We have been selling chocolates to the Advertising and Promotion market for a number of years and we understand the how this market works.  A number of our items are available on a 5 day lead time, and an express service is available for those orders which can’t wait to buy personalised chocolates.

Cake Decorations

Because we manufacture our own chocolate moulds, we have a number of bakers who use our chocolates as cake decorations, or decorations for deserts. Chocolate is an affordable cake decoration, which can add a touch of luxury to the finished cake. We have a sugar paste and wafer printing department which only uses natural food colours to produce cake decoratins suitable for any occassion. We manufacture coloured sugar and sugar sprinkles. Both our coloured sugar and our sugar sprinkles are suitable as cake decorations or on puddings. The are often used as decorations by ice cream parlours as a quick and efficient decoration. Our range of sugar sprinkles include heart sprinkles, lips sprinkles, confetti sprinkles, ghost sprinkles and Xmas tree sprinkles.

Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities use our chocolate eggs and chocolate advent calendars to promote their schools and as a tool to raise funds. Advent calendars are always popular with schools, especially because schools often already have class photos which they are able to email to our digital packaging department who then create the perfect chocolate advent calendar. Chocolate advent calendars can be bought directly from us or through our network of confectionery distributors. Why not use our chocolate advent calendars in your next marketing campaign?

Seasonal Confectioney

Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendars

Calendars are a very popular product for companies wishing to promote themselves, or schools wanting to do some fund raising.  The boxes have a large print area and the calendars sit on your customers desk for a whole month not to mention the tasty treats will help promote your brand.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a very popular product for companies wishing to promote themselves, or schools wanting to do some fund raising.  Who does not want to receive a delicious Easter Egg

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